Here Comes The Pain!

User Rating: 6.2 | WWE Crush Hour PS2
This game isnt as fun as Twisted Metal is,but it's just a little fun to play.You can be a WWE superstar and drive a vehical which has been modified and carries multiple weapons.They have a variety of arenas based off of WWE matches and shows.
This game is was obviously just made for the hell of it .I mean the stories in the game are just ridiculous and horrible,altho some are funny,most are just really stupid.
The fun parts are just driving around destroying other WWE superstars and their armed vehicles.Every wrestler has a special weapon which is their "finishing move",just like a WWE wrestling game,you must first build up your special,then you will be able to unleash yuo special weapon,most of them destroy anyone it hits immediately and some are wide spread so you can eliminate multiple opponents at once.
Like I said,this game was just made for the hell of it,just so fans could see WWE superstars in some other format other than a wrestling ring.
It is absolutely in no way,shape,or form as good as Twisted Metal,but it just uses Twisted Metal's gameplay,controls and atmosphere and inserts WWE superstars besides deranged,psychotic killers.