User Rating: 4.8 | WWE Crush Hour PS2
Crush Hour delivers a WWE into a car game where you use weapons and special moves to beat your opponents.
At first it may sound good but you're in for a disappointment...
Luckily I got this game for free so no money wasting. Anyway, there are over 30 characters to be, which are familiar with each one having there own cool wacky car.

Season mode does get very, very repititive, and when THQ tried to make up new modes, they didn't quite realise these could be frustrating.
Mainly this games about shooting people.

You can get a whole load of weapons ot shoot with but the game doesn't seem to fit in with fun.

Graphics and sound are a letdown (Hey! It rhymes) and the game isn't worth buying, so rent it. The first hour or two may seem great (this happens with loads of games) but it slowly gets repitive and boring, not to mention frustrating.