The greatest WWW/wrestling game to come out in years!! Tons of fun!!

User Rating: 9 | WWE 2K19 (Deluxe Edition) PS4

WWE 2K19 Review

Ok, to kick things off with this review, I would like to relay my recent relationship with WWE viewing or video games. I literally gave up completely on WWE after the games started sucking about 2 years ago and just eventually ended up ceasing keeping up with the events that transpired on TV as well as the gameplay of the videogames. Well, WWE 2K19 makes a triumphant return to success for the long running WWE series.

There are many reasons for the huge advantage in the fun you can have, but to start things off I will cover one of my favorite modes to play as a single player. The return of the Showcase Mode. I absolutely these WWE superstar based modes where you follow certain WWE superstars throughout pivotal & groundbreaking matches in their career. Not only are you required to win every match and replay history as seen on TV, but the game gives you goals to clear and while most are only optional, clearing all reward the player with awesome unlockable content. Not only is this an amazing way to relive some great wrestling moments you may not have had the opportunity to see or maybe moments you forgot even happened, but its a lot of fun to try to get 100% completion on this challenging mode. And guess who the lucky superstar who is put in the spotlight for 2K19? Daniel Bryan, who I believe is a perfect fit for the comeback success story theme this years 2K has set. Daniel Bryan, who has existed as an underdog grappler, and always seemingly been on the receiving end of career stifling injuries, is more deserved of the spotlight and recognition as anyone on the roster today. His career has been put in jeopardy many times and yet still, he fights and proves to himself and his fans that he has more matches in his future. He has also been up against a nice repertoire of opponents who will force players to rethink their strategies going into the many different types of matches you will have to overcome. Great return for the series!!

As if the return of the game changing Showcase Mode wasn't enough to warrant a purchase, the My Player Career Mode is no longer bogus and lame and instead is a predetermined scripted event just as the real thing is. This may not seem as good an option as the unforeseeable fates or events, but trust me this is head and shoulders above anything ANY WWE game has had for the Career Mode in a LONG time. The Skill Trees are vast and detailed and cover many vast different abilities and strengths for your superstar to update on. And if you are wishing to build your character in a nonchanlant or non-typical way, the game has you covered no matter what. From Cruiserweight to Big Show, the game allows players a DIVERSE list of techniques & skills.

The game features a hefty roster with several DLC packs adding more and the huge roster is only outdone by the even bigger arsenal of moves & match types at your disposal. Oh and never before have I ever paid witness to a wrestling game that will allow so many different and varied animations for move types and etc. For example, it is now possible to replay an identical transpiration of events such as when Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell. Well, now you can actually make the same motions happen without looking fake or scripted . The possibilities are limitless and the amazing options are vast & endless. Add on the huge list of new & classic WWE superstars and you have so many possible WWE highlight reel worthy moments that I could go on forever. Never before has playing a WWE game felt so much like the actual WWE!!! The best wrestling game to release in 10 years!!