Gamespot, What do you mean by visually impressive?

User Rating: 2 | WWE 2K18 XONE

Finally broke down and bought the deluxe version of this game at a surprisingly low price after skipping a couple of years and was pretty disappointed with the end result.

Visually, the game is a mess. Environments are bland and often look pixelated. Wrestlers look almost like plastic. Their faces, especially during conversations in MyCareer mode, look similar to ones from the n64 era. It looks laughably terrible at times and nowhere near as good as it could have been, especially when you consider how much gaming has evolved since then. It looks like a bar minimum effort was put into the graphics this year and it shows.

The gameplay is very much the same. The controls are pretty much the same. Customization is pretty deep and can really bring out someone's creativity. All the typical matches are featured and the roster is a pretty standard size too. I was very disappointed that they considered different skins of characters already on the roster as DLC but sure, Why not. There's no reason for them not to feature a lot more wrestlers than they currently do.

MyCareer mode is, as always, repetitive to play. The stories are recycled constantly, There is no real challenge to it and it's really a shell of what it used to be. Day of Reckoning, for example, had a great linear storyline that should be used as a template for the future of WWE career modes. Another big problem with me is the annoying amount of bugs and glitches. You can't even walk around without there being some kind of issue and again that all comes back to laziness and not bothering to put a proper polish on the "finished" product.

Overall: 2/10
WWE 2k18 belongs in the trash heap. It's a deeply flawed game and it just goes to show how little they think of us as the consumers that they'll pump out something they know it sub-par and still expect people to buy it.