WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 >>>>>>>>>>> WWE 2K14

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#1 Wolfganon
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I feel that SvR 2011 is the WWE game that has the best graphics. Ever since WWE changed its game title WWE 12, 13, etc..., the character models look smaller.

In terms of presentation, SvR 2011 is better than 2k14 in the following ways. SvR allows you to customize your camera presentation. During match, SvR zooms in on the action, making it feel like a real wrestling show. On the other hand 2k14 camera is zoomed out, making the wrestlers look much smaller. SvR has more frequent camera cuts during the action while 2k14 rarely has camera cuts. 2k14 only has frequent cuts in WrestleMania modes. It would have been great for 2k14 to have them also in regular WWE Universe matches.

For story modes, SvR 2011 had actual voice acting from many wrestlers. That beats the lack of voice acting in 2k14. I liked the backstage area of SvR 2011. 2k14 just didn't have this.

In conclusion, for a game that is so many years old, SvR 2011 just feels better than 2k14 which you would expect should be much better, but it isn't at all.