This is a great game if you're a WWE or Fighting fan I really suggest purchasing it if you're into fighting/wrestling.

User Rating: 8.5 | WWE '13 PS3
This game is a major improvement on the recent game WWE'12, it has three new match types which are:the I quit match, the King of the Ring tournament, and the special guest referee match. It has the rosters from both the attitude era and today's WWE. The road to Wrestlemania which is the story mode for the game has been replaced with "attitude era" mode which is the story mode but you get to re-live the attitude era with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, Wrestlemania XV, The off script chapter, The Brothers of Destruction(Kane and the Undertaker), D-X. You start with D-X and have to unlock the rest.Championship titles are from the attitude era and today's WWE and every single WWE championship variation is in the game. This game is the biggest and best WWE game to date.The WWE universe mode is much more improved with more storylines in it, more championships, you can create or edit shows any day through out the week, there are more PPV's, there are more creations in create mode and there are catch finishers which are finishers that can be executed while your opponent is performing a high flying move and there are also "OMG! moments" where you can destroy the ring with a superplex the only condition for this is the two competitors have to be super heavyweights and you can also destroy the ringside barricade this can be executed with anybody but "OMG! moments" can only be used when you have a finisher. This game has an online access code which is in the back of the manual which can only be used once and if it is used already you can buy another one from the PSN store or the WWE'13 in-game store.