Whats your WWE Universe Schedule?

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Here is my WWE Universe Schedule, which i am still building my ECW and WCW roster up a bit.

Monday - RAW IS WAR
- attitude Era WWF superstars set in the RAW IS WAR Roster slot.

Tuesday - ECW
- ECW CAW's from the WWE community set in a custom ECW Roster slot.

Thursday - Smackdown
- Current WWE Superstars (which i dont know half of them) set in the Smackdown Roster spot.

Friday - WCW Nitro
- WCW wrestlers from the game like Bret hart, Booker T, DDP, Rey Mysterio and more, set in a Custom WCW Roster


- I am also downloading custom arena's for shows like Starcade, Halloween Havoc and other WCW PPV's

I am having a hard time coming up with WCW Tag team's, so far just the Road Warriors, the Outsiders, Four Horsemen.. and i just put Eddie and Mysterio together for the heck of it... any suggestions?

Also, I wish you could use more than Once Secondary Championship at a time, like the European Championship, Hardcore, Intercontinental...