how do you get raw and smackdown superstars in universe on on both shows?

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im using the attitude era roster thats all, i decided to make smackdown but i want to use my raw roster but it wont let me need help please

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I also changed my WWE Universe to be attitude era, what I did was make RAW is WAR a major show and Smackdown! a minor show. Unfortunetly, with Smackdown! being a minor show, you will not be able to set Championship Titles but you will be able to use the same roster on both brands. 

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Each Major Show needs their own Unique Roster which cant be re-used ecept for PPV's

I have 4 Major Shows.

for instance, since i also dont like the new WWE superstars...
i have 4 Major Shows..

Monday - RAW IS WAR
- Attitude Era WWF superstars set in the RAW IS WAR Roster slot.

Tuesday - ECW
- ECW CAW's from the WWE community set in a custom ECW Roster slot.

Thursday - Smackdown
- Current WWE Superstars (which i dont know half of them) set in the Smackdown Roster spot.

Friday - WCW Nitro
- WCW wrestlers from the game like Bret hart, Booker T, DDP, Rey Mysterio and more, set in a Custom WCW Roster

You could Simply Delete Smackdown from the schedule, and they will not appear at all since the Smackdown roster is tied to the show.