Anybody think this game is terrible?

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Well, it isn't bad, but it's not brilliant by any means. To me, it just seems like THQ updated it to an extent, which is giving me not really much to talk about. One thing I do like is that every year they seem to add something you wished had been in the year before, so at least they're trying hard to give us a perfect WWE game.
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There are a few flaws in this game based on my personal opinion BUT compared to the last few rehashed games this was quite an improvement.

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I mean yeah hands down WWF smackdown just bring it, shut your mouth, and here comes the pain were like the best ones. 2006 was also pretty good in my opinion. But honestly the old ones were better, also it doesn't help the fact that wwe went PG.

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There needs to be a completely new engine for the game, same like the transition between GTA San Andreas to GTA IV. The current engine has limits which prevents them from improving the crowd models, having only 6 wrestlers in the ring & other things.

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I really dislike it, just seems to cater more for the hardcore gamer who will pick up the controls and play it on the more difficult levels, although that is also true of the past couple of games in my opinion. Also I find a lot of the times the mucking about with  Breaking Point, and the kick-out system when pinned to be too fiddly and too much messing about for somthing that (while necesarry) should not need that much off as a lot of the time it seems not to be responsive.

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i loved the game until i got some error about missing content and it deleted custom belt file and deleted 90% of the unlockables and all created content. any chance anyone can upload a save file without dlc ? so i can play it again

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Hi new to the forum this is my first post. I actually quite like this game i think especially universe this game is definatly better than WWE 12.
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i think this game is good minus the servers and all the hacking
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I like this game a lot but I'll admit I'm still waiting for the next big leap In the alotted number of compeditors. The N64 had a four wrestler in-ring maximum, the PS2 had a 6 wrestler in-ring maximum. How the hell is "Genuine Survivor Series Match 5-vs-5" the first thing taken off the dry-erase board at THQ every year? I hope 2K fixes this, along with the gimmick matches and on-line servers.  I hope the next game's "improvement" isn't a forth HHH.