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http://xwlleague.forumotion.com Welcome. This is the single longest running league for the Xbox 360. It has supported video gaming ever since SvR 09 and has since ran SvR 10, 11, and now WWE '12 (going into '13). Established on November 22nd, 2008, the league will be approaching its fourth year anniversary very shortly, thus showing that it is really one of the best out there. XWL has been running for quite some time and has a huge roster and a ton of fun and fair players in it, but let me tell you a little bit more in detail about the league. Who Can Join? Anyone. All you have to do to join is possess the game WWE '12 (and be getting WWE '13) for Xbox 360, have Xbox Live, and sign up! We'll accept anyone from any place and we have a wide variety of countries in our league. What is it all about? XWL is all about putting on fun matches while also playing fairly. We've evolved through the years not only as a league, but as a community where you can meet with many people from the league. You can set up storylines, compete weekly, participate in our forum, you can do all of those things. XWL has been longstanding and focuses on taking away the "win win win" attitude that is always present online in player/ranked sessions. RPs? We do have RPs, and might I personally add, they're very good for the most part so if you're really into making your own storylines this is the place to go! You can feud another member or run your own storylines, the RPs are among the best in the XWL. However, if you're into just playing the game and don't want to worry about RPs, that's fine too. You can just do your matches and RPs are not required. And in addition, if you aren't the best, but consistently do them, this is fine as well! We accept members of any type. Rules? The rules for matches are as follows: XWL is a league that puts fun first, so with that said the unwritten number one rule that you must follow is that under no circumstances will any waiting/delaying be tolerated. 1. You may go for a pin anytime after a finisher. You may not pin after a submission like if your submission does not force a tap out you may not pin afterwards. 2. To go along with the first rule, we have always been about fun matches and due to the new pin system you can be pinned after such a simple move and rather quickly so I'm asking you don't end the match ASAP have fun with it. Before you can end a normal every day match you must have hit three finishers. 3. Do not spam in any way, Say like you could do 2 clotheslines in a row but a third is over kill. We want matches to remain fun and have a feel of variety so over using moves so fast is obviously not fun to your opponent. 4. If your opponent for any reason gets outside in the match and you are inside, let them get in the ring with in a reasonable amount of time. Don't just attack them as they get in because as I said above such moves like that are not fun for your opponent. Who is available to use? Available superstars go as follows: Alberto Del Rio "Road Warrior" Animal The Big Bossman Big Show Booker T Bret Hart British Bulldog David Otunga Eddie Guererro Epico Hunico Kofi Kingston The Godfather The Great Khali "Road Warrior" Hawk Heath Slater Jinder Mahal Ken Shamrock Primo Rey Mysterio Santino Marella Shane McMahon Sheamus Vader Zack Ryder But those are only the in-game superstars available. Many TNA/ROH/Indy wrestlers and former legends that aren't in the game are also available. Are original caws allowed? No. Original caws are under no circumstances allowed to be used in the league, but again, CaWS of real life wrestlers past or present are allowed. How does the scheduling work? Typically, there's two cards. Two different brands which your superstar will be placed on one of them. The Admins will work together to help book you in matches that best suit you, and all matches will be played fairly. To send in the results, you either have someone with recording capabilities record it and post it on the thread, or you can write up the results of the match. In addition, there's a Pay Per View which you will not regularly be booked on; however, if you have a feud it will be showcased here. You'll have a week to finish any matches you're booked in and post the results, from Sunday to the following Sunday. Is there an easy way to interact with members? Yes. Once you sign up if you just scroll to the bottom of the site you'll notice a chatbox. That chatbox will help you meet some people in the league, but once you get started you may want to download the IMing Service called MSN. That's what a majority of the league uses. Is it fun? Hell yeah! What makes it better than other leagues? What makes it better than other leagues is that other leagues are constantly closing or just simply unstable. They may seem fine and then just go dead, but not XWL. We've been running for 4 years coming soon and with our wide user base, that won't stop anytime soon. We also pride in the fact that we aren't just one of the fairest, but we are THE fairest league based off the Xbox 360, and possibly all of online. We have the best RPs, there's really something for everyone. And if you don't believe us, why don't you just join and see for yourself . But again, if you're just getting started, we will accomodate to your needs as well. Why should I join? Why should you join? Well, just read above! If you're seeing this you must have a good enough idea of why you should join by now. Titles? We have a total of 6 championships and two Money in the Banks. The titles are as follows, XWL Championship, XWL World Heavyweight Championship, Divas Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and X-Treme Championship. Along your journey in XWL, you can work your way up to these various titles, as well as either the Superstars or Divas Money in the Bank. Through completing matches and consistently showing you are worthy of a championship, the booking team may include you in a title contenders match, and well, I think you'd know the rest. Conclusion: Thank you for reading all of this since I'll admit it has been a very lengthy post and I hope to see you on the site. Once again, the link is the following: http://xwlleague.forumotion.com/forum . And one last thing you should know is that when you sign up, your account will need to be Admin approved. It may take a few days for them to process the Admin approval so check back often to see when your account is approved. And again, I know this has been a long post, so if you've read it all, I thank you.