hey, how is the ps3 version?

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I've never played a worms game before but I've seen some videos online and it looks like alot of fun and was wondering how the game plays on the ps3, is the multiplayer active?

I can't buy the PC version because I'm on a 4 year old laptop and it sucks for playing games

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4 years old laptop is pure beast for Worms (they are not Cry-engine powered :D). There were so many versions and you'll be laughing, but the best one is still Worms Armageddon from i can't remember which year... 2000, i guess. They haven't aged drasticaly and it's kinda imposible to belive, but some things in 2d worms are still missing from their 3d reincarnation, i'm speaking of kewl fire effects (and NINJA ROPE!).

I've played Worms: World Party on Dreamcast, it was alright, thogh Napalm and firethrower were missing (see? Console versions always screw that part, and hence nowadays everything is multi-platform...)

Also 2 years ago there was a remake of Warms: Armageddon called Worms: Reloaded, it recreated original almost perfectly

I recomend to you:

W: Armageddon / World Party (more weapons and stuff, the best pick, imho)

W: Reloaded ok remake and it's present on PS3/Xbox360