Too bad they didn't put some beta testers on this port. This game is teh suck at times.

User Rating: 5.8 | Worms: Open Warfare DS
:Good Idea:
·Going back to the original 2D side-scrolling of the original Worms series is a great idea. The 3D games (for the most part) just don't hold in comparison to the original).
·Sounds are awesome, with good tunes and classic voices.
·You only need one DS game cart to load up the game in multiplayer. That's a good idea since most people I know don't have the same games I own.

:Bad Idea:
·Graphics are broken and feel generic. The screen randomly loses refresh rate and the animations are a total of like 3. It feels like they didn't even try. Take Worms 2's graphics and mix it with the original.
·Boring gameplay. Downright boring. I put it away after one game and I usually play a Worms game for a few months straight.
·The aiming system is weak and broken as well. Basically, when you shoot a shotgun, stuff just happens. There's no animation for it. It's just "Blame! Dead.". The aiming seems to not match where you're aiming most of the time either.

·This game will entertain me for a day, but I think tomorrow I'm gonna trade it in and get Tetris DS or Mario Kart DS. It's for Worms fanatics only, but even then, I'd wait for the bargain bin. Try again, Team17! I still support you guys!!!