who gets bored of worms....honestly?

User Rating: 7.5 | Worms X360
this is one of those all time classics that you just know you like. who can ever forget the banana bomb or the holy hand grenade or thier long codes for randomly generated maps so you could save the good ones on a piece of paper. and thier cute little voices as well. that high pitched squeal and the funny comments. the only thing i miss is the little movie sequences of the PS2 and PC versions. on the 360 version it is a good arcade game that they just had to put in to XBLA. the missions seem to be really easy until one where its ridicoulously hard then goes easy again. and i dont like it how in a multi-CPU match they all gang up on you and ignore everything else along with the ridiculous bazooka shots the CPUs take but other than that, a good game to keep on your hard drive when there's nothing else to play *cough*XBL failure*cough*