Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon

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A few points-

Ok Im a long time wargamer and 40k fan. This game in theory is a match made in heaven for me but something dosnt seem right and I wanted to ask if im doing something wrong or is this the accepted thoughts?

1- Started with Fog of War on, trying to advance(using a Scout Armoured unit for spotting) and I end up just getting ambushed by a load of units from the Fog of War, happened all the time...more so once your scout units have been jumped. Felt very frustrating.

2- Mission/Map descriptons are so vague you have to guess what to do half the time? At times I thought I had won the mission at the last turn only to see Mission Failed on my screen

3- With the above in mind, is there anything to help remedy these problems?

4- Are people playing anything that is considered a standard mod which improves the game?

5- There are such a staggering number of tanks available right from the start...why would you buy even half of them? With a limit on units...why would you get anything else but the best? Same for all the Vehicles.

Thanks duvporn