Worms 3D could have been much more than this.

User Rating: 6.7 | Worms 3D PC
:Good Idea:
·Worms classic style of turned based action is back in terrific 3D. The character models are actual very well done with their original cartoony look and style. Framerates are excellent.
·A good set of weapons from the previous games, including bazookas, shotguns, and sheep.
·The same old Worms humor is back with a new style.

:Bad Idea:
·The camera is absolute crap. It's one of the worst cameras in the history of game cameras. The problem is how generic it feels.
·The landscapes are not destructible as in the previous 'Worms'. That was the biggest let-down of the whole game for me, actually. I loved making my own little tunnels in the old games and hiding my last worm in there.
·The controls feel really out of control.

·Worms 3D is a decent game but they cut a good bit that used to make me more excited about the worms series. Maybe in the future, we can get a much more Worms-styled Worms 3D game.