Oddball is written all over this game - and don't we love it.

User Rating: 9 | Worms 2 PC
I laugh. A shrill, cackling laugh.
My friend groans as his worm flies into the water, propelled by a bazooka.

Worms 2 is a game for everyone, and can be enjoyed by all ages. The wonderful humour, great selection of weapons and ways to destroy your enemies, and, most importantly, worms makes this stand out from the rest. Create your own team, name your worms, even give your team a language/style to speak in after certain things happen. For instance, if another worm misses one of your worms, and your language is, say, 'Angry Scots', your worm will say something like "Pants!", instead of the generic 'You missed!'
You are also able to view all the languages on the 'Sound Bank Editor', a superb extra with the game, that allows you not only to listen to all the sounds the different styles can make, but it is indeed possible to record yourself, and put it onto the sound bank, making for some hilarious games.

Pit your team against your friends, or, if you want to practice, the computer. However, this has its drawbacks, as the single player is somewhat lacking, but, let's face it, this wasn't made for single player, it was made for fun multiplayer fights, and that's exactly what we got.

As for weapon variations, there's some great, some awesome, and some downright creative, ie exploding sheep. Happy yet? If not, there are grannies, banana bombs and the truly awesome Holy Hand Grenades. Huge bangs. Enough said.
It's such a pity that the worms games that came after this, the 3D ones, have been so terrible. This is retro, and this is just the way we like it.

All in all, a superb game - good job, Team 17 - it's just a shame there hasn't been a lot else since.