Classic gaming at its best.

User Rating: 10 | Worms 2 PC
If i was to be asked what my favourite all time old school game was i'd say the Worms series. Worms 2 is as good as pointless games get. The creators at Atari and Team17 shoul be given a medal for thinking of a game where small worms fight against each other with the aim of anniahilating each other completely.

The gameplay is pretty much straight forward. Choose teams and shoot, hit, blast, airstrike, napalm, poke, prod and kamikaze the opponents until you emerge the single victorious worm left on the map.

Multiplayer is smooth and the random maps are entertaining, making this a classic that will be remembered fondly by all gamers.

You can also pick it now for a great price so i recommend it to anyone who would like pointless hours playing a quality game to pass the time. SW