A good match to the prerunner, but still something different than the first one.

User Rating: 8 | Worms 2 PC
Overall feeling: Great fun in multiplayer mode but not a great singleplayer campaign.

Difficulty: OK
It's hard to aim with the bazooka and the granades, I wish there would be some kind of "zoom out" feature, but there isn't. This results in a lot of chance taking and luck to win the singleplayer games.

Game lenght: OK
The singleplayer campaign was to short and not that well made. But it's still good for multiplayer.

Stability: BAD
I don't know what it is with TEAM17, but their games seem to crash more then others. This game, however, isn't as bad as "Worms world party", but there is still problems.

Control: OK
The menu is easy to use but not really beautiful. The control in-game is good though. I don't give much for games that doesn't use fullscreen in the menu but the uses fullscreen in-game, it makes the game feel cheap.

Graphics: GOOD
I like the Worms 2 graphics. It's smooth and easy to look at. The units are much bigger then in the prerunner but the game still has a "big environmental feel" to it.

Detail: OK
There is not too much stuff that grasp your attention, but not to little either. It's always a matter of millimeters when calculating the wind and blow of a bazooka shot.

Music: GOOD
Last time I played the game my CD didn't want me to listen to the tunes, but from what I remember they were cool and suiting.

Cinematic: OK
They are funny the first time you se them.

Quantity of units / skills / spells / whatever: GOOD
Well, there are a lot of different weapons that makes the battles interesting.

Possibilities / Choices to make: GOOD
In addition to all weapons, there are also a lot of game settings that will change the way of play in mayor ways. In singleplayer mode there wasn't much of a choice, but when playing multiplayer or just one single map against the computer, there are many.

Story: BAD
The singleplayer mode isn't really that fun I'm afraid. Mostly boring maps and no choices on what to do (I HATE level 44!). There isn't any story to follow either, just levels that are connected together.

Tension / Excitement: GOOD
It can be really tense when you are in a hurry to make that wonderful move. The land-mines that usually are placed on the maps makes the ninja rope even more tense.

Humor: GOOD
TEAM17 has a good sense of humor. The graphics are funny to watch as well as the sounds the worms make. It has that little nerdy English feel to it. This makes the game perfect for multiplayer.

Singleplayer / multiplayer usage: OK
You can sit alone playing the singleplayer challenge or you can play with friends. A game doesn't have to take forever so there is always time for one if you really want to. I could se myself playing this game with my kids some day. The score doesn't reach a "GOOD" because of the poor singleplayer missions.

Game editor: GOOD
There is millions of possibilities when making a new map. It's fun to be able to draw it!