Crazy... Stupid... But fun as hell!

User Rating: 8.8 | Worms 2 PC
Worms is an old series, and though it is not considered to be "groundbreaking", Worms 2 can be considered as a classic.

You control a team of 1-8 worms (depending on the amount of teams, and the setting), and you have a full scale war on a side scrolling map. The brilliant part about Worms 2, is that EVERYTHING IS DESTRUCTIBLE. If you drop a stick of dynamite, chances are there will be a giant hole in the map. This frequent alteration in the map makes for fast paced, fast changing gameplay. The weapons are just crazy. You have your standard weapons, like Bazookas, Grenades, and other things of the like, but on the other hand, you can mix the match up by using Air Strikes, Super Sheep, Regular Sheep, Banana/Super Banana Bombs, Old Ladies, and a few secret weapons which are near impossible to get (an example being the elusive "Concrete Donkey"). The sound is ok, all the weapons have strange sound effects, and cool explosion sounds, and the worms voices are cool when you figure out how to change them, but I cannot get music to go. There is no music, so it often feels a little bland, but this doesn't matter. The gameplay is brilliant, but it can become a little repetitive just beating up people across maps, so the game mixes it up with a mission mode, where you go up against a computer team and there is always different weapon sets, making each level a challenge in its own way. Also, it has special maps which are loads of fun. There is also a map maker mode, which could've been a little better, but it is good to try new methods of play.

Worms 2 has great multiplayer and single player, has a great look and feel, and is basically just... Great!