"Stick to 07"

User Rating: 4 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 PC
Well, its finally here yes ! well thats what i said on the the 19th october, the months of waiting and cracking on with FM07, i highely anticipated this game ive had it pre orderd for months. Well lets make this simple, Sports interactive have tried too hard to try and make this game better the fm07 but its doesnt live up to expectations.
I've played 7hours and had enough, while the team on paper might look the best in the world its VERY hard i mean it. The difficulty if way to hard you could be winning 3-1 with 10 minutes to go make all your team defenders and u will still concede, its impossible to keep a clean sheet. Graphicly the game hasnt really improved, the menus have improved i think thats all they should have done to FM07 in a update and not realsed this one, I truly mean this when i say it Stick To FM07 spend u money elsewhere or wait for FM Live.

Thankzz The Cozz