Not too much has changed for the last one, but its just as addictive and just as brilliant to play

User Rating: 9 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 PC
Well what can i say....this has to be the best football managing game ever made, well until 09 comes out that is. But seriously this game as it all and a whole lot more.

To sum it all up the games database as been updated to include even more players and teams, and stats only a die-hard nerd would care or wish to know about. A simple to use interface that doesn't overwhelm you with the games vast information and features (of which there are a lot of) but makes it seem that the game can be played by and mastered by anyone, which after some time it can. One of the new functions of half time team talks, only this time you can talk to all the team or every player individually, this time given even greater controller to motivate or berate your team. Making a return is the 2D pitch view system, while fun and fresh when first seen in now seems extremely dated and boring to watch, needs to be overhauled. Pros:
Easy to use interface
Huge database of players and teams
great sounds and 2D pitch interface
in-depth information for hardcore fans
months if not years of game play
online updates

Gets tiresome fast if not a football fan
information can be overwhelming
2D pitch views seems outdated and boring
new addictions to the game don't justify the price