Get this game to feel the addiction of it!

User Rating: 9 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
The only boring part of this game is the sound of it. Basically, its no sound at all, till you play a match and could only hear the crowd sound of it. That's it! Th graphics are not very fascinating as well. You know, the above are the only worst part of this game! I promise anyone could actually ignore those above issues once they have played the game through as you will be so focused and busy in your management of your team, that you dont really take noticed of those stuffs at all.

I love this game scouting system! It really gives you so much of detailing from the players you wanna scout to the club or nation you wanna scout. But it also depends on how well your scout knowledge has for that nation, through their knowledge bars the scouts have.

You could manage from Big Huge Clubs to Clubs that you have not even heard of! Not to mention that you could manage nations as well. This game database is that HUGE!!! It really gives you the depths of soccer management. Another great thing is the interaction between you to the world. Your players to your board to media to other managers in the game. Of course you could interact with other players in the game as and when you want, by speculating your interest to showing your negative views about others. Oh! Of course there's half time talks and before after a match talks as well. It really helps.

The match engine is superb! Although it doesn't have simulation 3D engine like others but it still gives you the feel of realism of your players (numbered circles) moving around the pitch. Don't worry, you won't feel stupid or weirdo watching those circles moving around because you will soon forget about it as its rather realistic on the formations and tactics you used and you wanna keep an eye on how well they played. What you do, say in this game, really gives an impact on players morale to your board reactions. This game makes it so real! This game is not hard to play with, due to advice are just there for you to see it! I think this game gives me the thrill to play more and not willing to let it go even i had to go work. This game is FANTASTIC! Should own a piece of it to get a feel of how addictive you can get!