Be prepared to lose all your friends - this game is that addicting

User Rating: 9.1 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
Even though graphics and sound are basically non-existent, this fact does not come into play when rating Football Manager since the variety of actions you can perform is so vast you completely forget that sound exists.

This game is highly addictive and you will sit in front of your screen for hours at a time, trying to figure out the best tactics to use in order to beat your team's arch rival or scouting for young players in remote continents to find wonderkids for cheap and develop them into world class players or begging your board for extra time before they can your behind for losing too many games, either way, you're in for quite a ride.

Despite its many faults, such as the lack of any sound except the roar of the crowd in a match, and lack of graphics except those little running dots in a match, and the fact that you need a strong computer with a lot of memory in order to run this game without having to wait for hours for each screen to load, this is the best Football Manager game to date.

If you think that playing one season is enough, you're sadly mistaken. One season simply isn't enough to explore the game thoroughly and by the time you finish playing one season, you will be so into the game that you will be in the year 2012 before you even know it.

There are many things that the game needs to improve: Firstly, it's the steep and ridiculous prices that teams ask for players, which pretty much make it impossible for you to have a world class player before he is over the age of 32 and basically past his best. Another feature new feature that needs working on is the Player Interaction. While comes in useful to reprimand players who are in poor form and used to instruct youngsters to learn from experiences first team players, this feature needs more options since you rarely get to use it.

The game is highly addicting and a whole lot of fun. It can get extremely frustrating at times, so frustrating you will want to punch something, anything, especially your players, but that same frustrations will be replace with joy and pride when you win your domestic league or a continental competition and you will be praised endlessly by your players, your boss, the media and club's past players.