Everything about this game is bad!

User Rating: 2 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
My Xbox 360 broke recently so i started to play this game, which was a total mistake. number one the a.i. is nowhere to be seen as half the goals i concede or score are wen the keeper lets the ball roll through his legs, fumbles it or when your defencee for some reason passes to the other team inside the six yard box. There is very little realism either as when i was playing as liverpool i beat man utd 3-1 at old trafford but a week later with the exact same liverpool team i was beaten in the F.A. Cup 4th round by Oldham at Anfield. WTF! can someone please explain how that happened. On e thing i do like are the way the transfers are dealed with but its ruined as the teams have very little money at the start of the game. The game is very repetitive as i could tell you what the player will do before he does it and the half time team talks are all the same.

Realism= 1.0
A.I.= -2
Transfers= 4.5
Everything else= 2.0

A lot needs to be changed!!!!!