Best management game ever.

User Rating: 9.4 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
Football Manager has you as the Manager of a football team. You can start unemployed and work your way to the top and try to get a top club. Or you can just go manage any club you want from the beginning. It is like real football really. Say you manage Sheffield Utd .You just probably need to get them to survive every season. Take on a top job like Chelsea, Aresenal, Liverpool or Man Utd and they will demand success and Champions League qualification. You fail to deliver that and your gonna get sacked. When you also mange these top clubs like Baracalona, Real Madrid and Chelsea they want world class players every season from you. This game never seems to end and it's very addictive and some teams will have takeovers which might mean your club want someone else instead of you. If you sell your top players the club wouldn't be happy. It is just like you a real manager.