SI get it right at last!

User Rating: 9.4 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
The long running series has produced another stunning game! Football Manager 06 was a really good game with too many flaws to really make it up there with the greats. This time around SI games has really pulled out the stops. The numerous bugs have (almost) gone and especially with the release of the patch the game is breathtakingly addictive. Perhaps the 2 biggest innovations are the scouting system and squad interaction. More so than ever you really become imersed in your team, able to interact with indiviual players, give team talks before during and after games and you really get a feeling for the squad and players, which was for some reason sort of lacking in 06.

Scouting is a giant leap. In previous games scouts were worthless and incompetant. Now sending scouts out gives them knowledge of areas, revealing players hidden stats and giving you an in depth report of their strengths, weaknesses and potential.

The graphics might not be up to some games, and the sound is little more than a few cheers, but if you like these games this is an irrelevance. Also this game is not for the weakhearted, new players and players unfamiliar with football (soccer) could well find it tough going at the start, but as with everything worthwhile perservance will pay dividends. I could rave on for hours about howe great this game is and go into the minute details but its better if you discover it for yourself. A must buy for any aspiring manager ou there!