Addicted again...

User Rating: 8.9 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
Football manager. In the past few years it has clearly been the best football management game as it offers the most realistic engine and most depth. Also this offers team talk and the media interaction which really gets you engrossed, really makes you feel youre in charge.

The gameplay is realistic and the team talks relly affect youre players morale, affecting how they play in the matches which is vital of course, so games are totally down to your managerial ability. Also the game has incredible depth, feeder clubs for example is a great addition, and the option to add and delete them makes you feel in charge. Of course unlike championship manager, it is impossible to buy a star player the first time you play as you have no reputation, that adds to the realism whereas in CM you can buy anyone you want anytime you want.

The games interface remains the same, easy to use and easy for newcomers to use which is great. Also during the matches you can see a birds eye view of the pitch as usual, but now its more detailed and you can view particulars which makes it so much better and doesnt ruin the winning forumula by going for something too ambitious, its got it spot on.

Of course there is no sound but the fans cheering during a match. Works for me because i play music in the background while playing. The lack of licsenced premiership teams bugs me but still all the names are intact and the players arent named strange things and doesnt get in the way of the gameplay, just could make finding an english player a bit harder.

You will have to put everything to one side, your work, girlfiriend and social life to play this game, you will find yourself at your computer for too many hours on end playing this game, it takes over you life, its EVIL the creators of this game know how to make a good football managerment game unlike CM creators who have done nothing to improve their game apart from prozone which doesnt work that well. This game must be played no matter what if youre a fan of football, buy it now!