Non-Stop Playing, Adictive and full of contents. This game is one of the best for all the football fan's.

User Rating: 8.8 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
Well, first of all, this is my first review, so ill try my best to make a great review.
Second of all, im from Argentina, so... sorry for my bad English jaja
Ok, now the review,.
Im a sick football Boca Juniors fan, ive been playing football games like Pro Evolution Soccer and Fifa for ages, but i´ve never tried a tactical non-playable game like this, i mean, ive always controlled the players. Ive never tried this kind of games because i thought they were rubbish, that they were boring because, where was all the fun if i wasn't able to control the players.
But one day a friend of mine told me to try it, and inmediatly he introduced me into a new kind of soccer gaming, extremely addictive, full of contents such as players training, club managing, finances, buy players, real life championships, and everything that this game has.
Ive started with Football Manager 06, i can say that im an addict now, and when Football Manager 07 came out, i didn't stopped to think when i bought it.
Its one of the greatest games i've ever played. You learn a lot of things that you don´t know playing Pro Evolution or Fifa.
You also have the option to take the control of the reserve squad and the junior squad, create tactics for your team, depending on the attributes
of your players, winning the best cup's and leagues, manage national teams, and if you're lucky and a good manager, you can manage the best's club's of the world such as Manchester United, the one that im in charge of now after winning lots of tournaments with Boca Juniors and Argentina National Team.
It doesn't have great graphics, but you can mod it downloading club's logos, kits, and player pictures, and they have sound only when you are playing the match, this might be the worst thing of the game.
So, if you like football and you never tried this game, think twice, because you will be an addict inmediatly jajaja
This game is excellent!!!!