Your a soccer manager.

User Rating: 8.5 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
If you don't like soccer or football then leave this game alone, thats first thing I have to say. If you are interested in learning about the game and players then its recommended you don't sit down on your own and play this game. Find a friend and sit down with them and go through a two player season to start with. Or else you'll get lost and frustrated quickly. If its your first time playing and you think you know your footie trivia then this game is ultimately aimed at you. Although generally its fun for anyone playing. Football manager 2009 has integrated female gender selection for its game. The difference between FM07 FM08 FM09 won't differ hugely in graphics or gameplay, the two big differences will be the price. You can buy FM07 in a charity shop for £3. Where as FM09 when it is release will sell for up to £40 (full retail price). You can download updates from fan sites for 07 to add the new transfers from Real World Transfers although not user friendly it needs a bit of dedication to update.

Frustration will hardly set in, in Football Manager because in the end of the day its only a computer game. But loosing a game can be upsetting if you really need or expected to win. To find a winning tactic you will often have to keep a steady team for a long period of time.

I played as Ukranian side Arsenal Kiev for two seasons and could hardly purchase any new players. Although I learnt some interesting tactics! You could find it a bit dull just to have to be so patient in order for your team to make a break and do well. Its a bit of luck over managing skill sometimes and this is probably the most frustrating thing about your team loosing, or a player wanting to leave.