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User Rating: 8.7 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
ok so my first review for gamespot and its on the amazing game football manager 2007 (worldwide soccer)

i got this game after i brought championship manager and tbh champ was too easy so yes FM is def better then Champ.

The Good

ok so the best thing about this game must be the endless things you can do. you can interact with managers,team talks,praise players,interact with the media its all good.
another good thing is that once you have a winning tactic after about a season the oopsition will have a tactic to get around yours, so the game is always changing.
the transfer system is good aswell the money is realistic and players are valued right and wont move unless they want too.
the game is better then champ 100%

The Bad

it takes some time to get use to the screen movement but there are hotkeys to get too certain screens. also the sound aint amazing, but i play my music in background. also the game can get abit slow in pre-season and if you set lots of playable leagues it can take a while to load.


this game really isnt for n00bs......n00bs can play it if you choose a top team as you have all the amazing players. the game is better then champ i have both games so i would know. lets just say a whole season can take a week tocomplete and its ver realistic. you also have alot of forums on net to download tactics and training scheldules.

p.s buy the game