great football managment game that changes a lot.... including things that didnt need to be changed!

User Rating: 8 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
football manager is the third football game from sports interactive and is realy impressive.

this years managment system runs nicely and has cool new features which will bring you back again and again.

unfortunatly somethings have been changed that realy didnt need to be changed, injuries are now a lot more annoying also theres no editor included, or not that i've found, so you cant update the roster, also the online play still hasnt been fixed and still doesnt work.

however the good is that they've also made a lot of good improvements, even tiny improvements that realy make a difference, like now at half time players dont lose 40% percent of there health and now have a new way of what seems like AI like going to the press but saying things a little more accurate, the game play is also great, realy putting you on the edge of your seat

overall football manager is at its peek with 2007 although some people may dissaprove the changes and stick with 2006