Sigames have yet again upped the bar on Football Manager Sim games. Parental Advisory: Make lead to lack of social life.

User Rating: 9.4 | Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 PC
Football Manager 2007 is the latest installment of Sigames hugely successful series, and it is a big improvement in virtually all areas. Although many say this game is far glitchier than previous installments, die hard fans are able to work around this in their journey towards footballing success.

Naturally, you'll start as your favourite team, for me Birmingham City (please, save the lols), and try to bring them as much success as possible, through careful selection of tactics, shrewd transfer market wheeling and dealing and effective substitutes used to maximum effect. However the beauty of this game is that once you reached the top, or become a stagnant mess of a football club (the latter applied to me at Birmingham) you can head back to the main menu and start all over again as a different team, fair enough you'll enjoy some teams more than others, I personally have had much joy playing as Tottenham, and the Spanish Spurs - Athletico Madrid, as well as Arsenal and AC Milan. The joy of this game is the endless possibilities, whether you start at a club with a sugar daddy chairman and strive for that ultimate dream team, a feat I feel I accomplished at Arsenal, with Galacticos such as Podolski, Aguero, Messi and Kompany, or starting small and thinking big, as I am currently doing with Conference North Team Lewes, theres something for absolutely everyone. The game is unbelievable easy to pick however it is extremely addictive, my advice is, before you start to play, phone work and tell them you won't be in, say goodbye to your friends and girlfriend, get a helluva lot of food in, and brace yourself. Just be warned, you may never know the joys of real sunlight again...