I REALLY did try to see the best of this game but...

User Rating: 2 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
This game was given to me. I know why now. Free is not always good. (Plagues are 'free' too). For a beginner FPS gamer, this might not seem so poorly designed, for veterans well, it might be the worst FPS I've ever seen.
My greatest frustration was with the poor engineering of levels. More than once I completed the mission, just as I was being told that I failed the mission and had to restart. My second gripe is not having a map of any sort to navigate by when missions come down. Equally frustrating is when you man a stationary HEAVY machine gun and you have to hit your target a dozen times for him to go down--yet other personal weaponry will do the job in 1-5 hits. You notice these things when you're being swarmed by the enemy and you have to concentrate fire on one guy at a time instead of being able to do grazing fire with deadly effect. Lastly, I despised the inability to climb anything more than 3 feet high. Climbing over small piles of gently sloped rubble was outrageously impossible. I eventually quit the game at the crossroads episode. I applied the 1.01 patch to get me through the one glitch but I was done with an MG that behaved like it was firing BBs instead of flesh shredding lead. Bizzaro clipping errors were the least of the problems with this game. If I were the Commander of the Gaming Gestappo I'd have the designers, programmers, and play testers for this game lined up and shot. Lucky for them I'd use one of their pansy MG's on them.