Aside from the major clipping issues, WW2: Sniper has a few redeeming qualities to make it at least, enjoyable.

User Rating: 6.5 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
The Good: Though not accurate, good weapon sounds; Can be intense at times; Graphics are not horrible; Great weather effects; Nice concept; Well done cinematics.

The Bad: Too short; Serious clipping problems; Music seems too artificial; A.I. is weak at times; Yet another WW2 shooter.

I've gotta give it to Jarhead Games. They never give up on trying to make a good game that a person who can't afford to buy other games, afford some. I guess that's why I've played many of their shooters. They never stop trying to make something good. Perhaps that reason has made me appreciate WW2: Sniper. WW2: Sniper, is the story of a U.S. Airborne Sniper, gifted with a deadly shot. It's sort of odd, doing a game about the Americans, since Jarhead's a Canadian company. You drop into enemy territory with your men and basically, another WW2 shooter begins.

WW2: Sniper doesn't give you much situations for use of a sniper rifle but offers good use for your other weapons. Many battles are involved in close combat, yet using the sniper rifle gives you a quick kill in these scenarios. And the weapons sound great. (Though not realistic.)

The weather is always changing in this game, something you notice well. They're actually well done, stepping up the mediocre graphics. Characters are pretty well done, but you may get confused between American and British soldiers, since they sometimes wear the same uniform. Backgrounds can be incredibly dull, yet forgivable. I almost got the urge to rip the disk in half, because of the huge clipping problems. Germans were killing me when their heads were stuck in the doors. I got stuck in certain spots numerous times. The list continues. If they're going to do a sequel, they need to work on the clipping issue.

The nice thing about this game is the saving. You can quick save and the automatic save does its job in good places. You don't even need the disk in the drive to play.

The game contains pretty interesting and smooth cinematics. They're mostly about the sniper man, writing in his journal. The voice casting's good and the script is even better.

So, if you're looking for a good Call of Duty style, first-person shooter, look elsewhere. But if you a fairly decent budget game with a good concept and a lot of heart, then look into getting WW2: Sniper. Just remember to get all the available patches to make the experience a little more enjoyable. After all, it was made with good intentions.