Total waste of money, time and brains.

User Rating: 1.4 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
I cant believe I actually paid for this crap just because it had the word "Sniper" in its name. The moment I started playing this I thought the graphics were "a little outdated". The only thing in this game that doesn't suck is the cover picture. well here are + and - of this game i could think of:

-Quitting the game.
-The cover picture

-Invisible enemy parts or sometimes whole enemies (flying guns).
-Getting stuck to a wall or fence so you have to restart the whole mission.
-Objects don´t appear at all or appear late.
-Friend AI doesn´t work at all.
-The sniper is pretty much useless because you can just use the machine-gun, which shoots almost as accurately as sniper.

Ok, I´ll stop there.
Just a final warning to everyone: Do NOT buy this game!