this game was f****** horrible..if you ever see it plzz for god sakes DONT BUY IT!!!!

User Rating: 1 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
where should I begin...lets see i ususally never rate games...but i felt morally, socially and ethically obligated to do this one..heck i am doing all of u a favour (to save u from the fate that i suffered which is buying a this piece of trash). The graphics are soo bad..the original doom looked better on pc back in 95...terryfyingly horrid AI (your own teammates let the germans take shots at you while they parrade around like its a musical). The weapons look like cue sticks..however the scope looked pretty refined (for a game in 1998)..i gave this game a 1 it dosnt even deserve that, heck i shudd have given it a .5 seeing that I just gave up after seeing how sorry lookin it was after the first level. PS whoever gave it a 6.2...buddy u dont know your games!!!!!