Total Crap - Waste of Your Money and Time Some games are destined to stay in the bargain bin. This is why

User Rating: 2.8 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
OK, I'll admit it. I have low standards. I have low standards for comics, novels, movies, and games. So if you see a review that says "Total Crap" from a guy like me, it's pretty bad. Lets start off.

Bugs & Glitches:
I liked the fact that you could tell your character to reload, enter the pause menu, and watch him continue reloading until he's done. Maybe that's a helpful glitch, but they should have worked it out. You will get stuck in numerous walls and be forced to restart a level because your next objective didn't load or something.

It's pretty repetitive. Usually something like "Find a group of people" or "Defend this area". The health and ammo system is abysmal. Ammo is only obtained from ammo boxes lying on the ground. Heatlh was really stupid. You had the option of finding health packs or waiting for your health bar to regenerate itself.

What I Liked: The only pros would be the voice acting, music, and sounds.

Final Word:
Groove Games. Remember this company. Next time you see it on a game box, find a different one. Most of this company's games are really, really terrible. In fact, they're also making Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green. Try out the demo, and you'll see why you should never, ever touch anything by this company.