I Enjoyed It

User Rating: 5.5 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
Although it suffers from frame-rated problems i found the game to be very enjoyable, not CoD Mind you but a good WWII shooter which you would not expect from such a low grade studio. Groove Games has never had a game climb higher than a 5.8 on gamespot with reason. but WWII Sniper is a rarity that deserves much higher thought. You will play a Airborne Sniper in such campaigns a defending a vital bridge for troop movement and the defense of the front line in germany. The realism of the weapons is not lacking but the graphics engine is quit out of date. The thing i found that really brought me to it was the feel of CoD found in its game play. not an equal mind you but a definite similarity. it is most impressive to get a head shot with the many rifle choices. so it does well by itself and considering the studio it came from its a rare slam dunk.