I paid for this.

User Rating: 5.5 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
I didn't expect too much considering all the negative reviews. I decided to try it since i had nothing else to play. WW2 Sniper was a suprise. The graphics were even worse than I thought, but in overall it was not that bad.

-Game-engine didn't quite deliver
-You had to reload all 5 rounds before you firing or swapping a weapon!
-Ironsights were not in line.(I played this 640x480 res=) So all guns, except Springfield and bazooka were practically useless.
-Thompsons-rearsight (in real life you have 2 eyes, so you can actually see more than just the sight.
-Feeling that the enemy keeps coming forever (is it a bad thing?).
-My fellow-soldiers hardly took part in fightning. I was dying and they just standed there staring at the horizon.
-I was running out of ammo and still, I couln't pick up a german mp40 or any other weapon. Then, using MG42 was not a problem????.
-Lack of video-options, just the resolution.

Good things
-Even this game had it's moments.
-Compass that showed where to go. Lots of "walkpoints" so that i only got lost twice.
-Suprisingly good cinematics
-Voice acting - I think it was more convinving than any other game I've played.
-Quicksave and -load
-Nice Sniper-rifle sound!
-Not that buggy. I got stuck in a wall only once.

The game had some obvious similarities with Medal Of Honor, as preventing jerries from destroying a bridge, facing massive infantry attacks and calling support with your binoculars. This game was supposed to be a sniper-game, but I found it easier to face the enemy in close combat, keep moving and shooting without the scope. This was mainly because of stupid loading system that many times almost got me killed. There were also some additional elemens, such as stopping Tiger-tanks and recovering some enemy intellingence. Think they just made the game worse.

What I really loved about this game was the absence of idealizing of war. I hate those idiotic phrases in COD and, eh, America's Army - which is sickening.