WW2 Sniper could use some help from real soldiers! Especially when riding in a vehicle and mounting a Machine Gun.

User Rating: 6.6 | World War II Sniper: Call to Victory PC
WW2 Sniper was a fun game to play , don't get me wrong. It was pretty typical in the shooter aspect but the title is misleading. It says Sniper in the title. " Sniper" not regular soldier. Except for 3 or 4 missions any chr / soldier with a scoped rifle could have done the missions.
I guess my biggest gripe is the way they set up shooting from a machine gun nest, (which you are expected to do numerous times). Who in their right minds is going to stand up in a sandbagged machine gun nest ( which is the first Character an enemy will aim for) STANDING UP?? In no instance can you crouch to get some protection using them. Its the same for the scenes when you are in a car. you are standing for the whole world to pot shot at you, No way to heal, moving quickly and bumping all the while you have to hit enemies who are shooting ( with unbelievable accuracy I might add while standing. I'm not talking a Jeep with a mounted machine gun or M50, you are located in the pasanger seat with the gun in your hands.
A few more gripes are--- when you are moving towards an enemy and you see him in the distance and shoot he won't go down. you'll see the blood splatter but no kill; as you move closer you realize that there is a way-point between you and the enemy. By that time if you weren't careful he saw you. Strange but true, I actually saw a sniper appear after hearing an explosion that wasn't there before the explosion. ( I was watching the area), and last but not least, this game doesn't go much for exploration. Especially in the last area. While walking around I went into a building and realized that I would have to walk the whole battle area I had just finished 15 min. before because it wouldn't let me take that one step back from where I had entered the building. This happened numerous times at different places in the game. It limits where you can go, if you go into a previous area don't expect to just walk back to where you came out of. You will have to backtrack the whole previous battled areas to return to that point.
One more warning , Not always but for many areas watch your shots. I've run out of ammo many times and there is NO getting guns or ammo from the dead bodies of your enemy. Only from designated areas where sometimes health packs ( but not when you need them usually) and ammo ( not necessarily for your Springfield sniper rifle ( or in any significant quantity)) is where they can be found.
Except for the aggravation and sometimes impossible odds the game was fun to play. I'm a big rpg/shooter fan so I'm a bit biased I guess. This is my first review hopefully not my last depending.