Will teach you some tricks and train you for the tables.

User Rating: 8 | World Series of Poker PSP
I think you could avoid buying this for your child unless you wanted them to risk having a gambling problem later in life. It does teach you the basics and the more demanding rules.

Its far from the real thing of course because there is no satisfaction of feeling you have won anything or in that matter beaten anything as in the end it comes down to luck. The tournament its quite cool if you like the cards but for whatever reason can't compete in real tournaments with real people.

The graphics are not a problem, of course the people do have a few odd appearances especially when you are creating your custom player. The AI suits well. There does not seem to be a problem with that or the gameplay. I am also thinking that this game could be quite addictive for the sole reason that it's Poker.

I would give this game an 8 because it replicates the rules well, has a good system of play, and also there is no problem with winning.