Good brand to use, not a great game though

User Rating: 5 | World Series of Poker PSP
I've been playing this game for a while now and it's okay, but not what I would have expected from a game using the World Series of Poker brand name. The game could have badly used MUCH BETTER AI - i mean seriously I raise, they re-raise, I come over the top with pockets aces and the computer still calls with crap hands like J-2 offsuit and hits two pair. This kind of stupid calling happens way too much even towards the latter stages of tournaments in the game. Yes I understand players can call with any two cards at any time, but when a player would be a lot into small pots you would think the AI would read the situation and not call with very bad cards pre-flop.

The bad AI is really the 2nd problem I have with the game... The first would have to be the really bad character models for everyone except Chris Ferguson... The worst would have to be a split between Scotty Nguyen and the annoucer you see in the cut-scenes.

I did find one glitch the QA team seemed to have missed or the development crew waived - in the Omaha game the "fast" gameplay setting does not take effect.

Lastly, why does this game cost ten dollars more than the current console games? UMDs aren't that pricey. MAN I WISH STACKED WOULD COME OUT ALREADY... its suppose to have better AI and look at least like a decent current generation game in terms of graphics...