"The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was a genius." -- Big Julie

User Rating: 9.6 | World Series of Poker PSP
World Series of Poker is an excellent game and perhaps one of the best game formats you can get on a PSP.
From shooters to beat em ups to stealth games, no one game has kept me playing more than this poker game.
Based on the popular World Series of Poker tournement which was started in 1969 by Tom Moore from Texas.
This game allows you to create a player and take him or her thourgh a number of poker seasons each of which comprises of a number of tournements and side games. Each game has a buy in value and the games vary in difficulty according to the buy in.
World Series stands out from other poker games beacuse of the sheer variety of play, you can play Texas Hold Em, Five Card Stud, Seven Card stud and a whole host of others including 6 different varietys of video poker.
Each game can be played in the career mode or simply a quick game if you don't want to continue your save game.

You can create any number of players and start as many careers as you like, the character creation is excellent with the ability to change almost everything about your character from outfit, voice even down to colour and style of socks and shoes etc. This is really nice as you get a real feel for your character when your in a big tournement.

This game is the best poker game I've owned, comparable to online poker tables for the intensity of the tournements and the thrill of the win, also as PSP games go, the psp just seems suited to this type of game and the developers have made full use of the little box's power and sounds.