It is a poker game, kinda.

User Rating: 3.3 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions X360
This game was overly hyped, in my opinion, lauded as a "complete" poker game with insight from the professionals. It has insight, alright, it has loading screen tips from card player mag, and scrolling tips from Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. Only problem is, that if you are experienced at any level of playing cards, these tips are so beginner level that they are nothing more than an annoyance and waste of screen time. The game is plagued, in my mind by presentation and pace. The game has three game speed settings: slow, normal, and fast. Slow is just ridiculous. No one can play at this pace. Normal is what should be slow. As for fast, well. it is really fast. Happens so fast you have to look at the player's status bar to see what he/she did. There needs to be a Medium_Fast, in my opinion, for most people to enjoy this one.
On to the presentation and gameplay. This game's default display gives you an odd angle pullback shot of the whole table. It just doesn't work. Everyone who has/has seen this game agrees with me. It is just a weird angle that doesn't work. You can change it to a first-person perspective, but that is even worse. Now the cards. How is the poker? Not great. Players can't get a "read" on the computer opponents at fast speed, which you'll end up playing because the other two are WAY too slow. The computers do not act as they should with the cards they are dealt. I had JD-10D preflop. Play went around, I called the blind, and we saw a flop. It came 10S-9H-10C. I checked to the two remaining players, and one of them raised $50. (Blinds were 75-150 or 100-200) The other computer folded, and i raised $50. I was re-raised $200, so I called. Turn card came 5D and I raised $250. He called. The river came up JH. Making my full house, not that I needed to improve, I knew I had the best hand. Now I bet $500, hoping to get called. He called the $500 and raised $1500. I was taken aback at this a little. I take a second look. 10S-9H-10C-5D-JH. The only thing that worries me is pocket jacks. Would he raise that hard on KQ for a straight? No, I thought this guy had been incredibly tight all game. So as I was about to call, I thought he had the miracle pocket JS-JC, making his jacks over tens beat my tens over jacks. I was angry, but I had to call. I never fold a good fullie. So I call. And this is when I realized the card playing engine sucked. I show a full house, he shows 4C-8S. 4-8. Rags. Beyond rags. And raising me all day. Just plain dumb. As long as you play tight, this game is easy. It seems like it is meant to punish the overly aggressive player who wants to see too many flops. Graphics are not next-gen. PERIOD Bad voice to animation syncing. Bad models. Bad game. I suggest you don't even rent it. it is bad. Foul even. Want a realistic card game? Find four friends and a deck of cards. At least they will act like a person.