Not the best, but not at all the worst.

User Rating: 7 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions PSP
There are far worse games than this one here. The thing that really makes it a terrible experience, is the long load times, which really makes it terrible. When you play it, it is best just to turn it off in the middle of a level, and continuing from there. To turn off altogether, it will take you at least ten minutes or so to get it started again. The game itself does have other flaws. There is the music, for me, it was very annoying. As was the voice acting. That was poorly done. The customizing aspect was a thoroughly made piece of the game, no really flaws there aside from the load times can be troublesome. Luck is a big portion of the game, but that should be expected. The game time is also not too long, but is still worth playing through if your on the road or on a plane. Might as well play this if you want some cheap poker, not worth more than ten dollars though.