When did poker become a Video game???

User Rating: 2.4 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions PC
Imagine a basketball game. It has NBA Licences with real life teams and players. it works out great because its a sport and its fun to play as the people you see on tv. Its very action intensive

Now imagine that with poker.. All the celebs you see on TV.. Playing.. Poker.. In a video game. Cool for about 5 minutes. See.. We dont like them because they are pretty, we dont like them because they can dunk a basketball. we like them for their wits, their attitudes, and obviously their skills. None of those things could ever truely be transferred into any video game

The thing about Poker Video games is that basically, its not a sport. Its a simple card game. The dealer deals each player two hole cards, and 3 options; check, bet, fold. Then 3 cards are turned over.. everyone does the same thing again. What makes poker fun is the competition, reading your opponents and bluffing. Its pretty damn hard, nay impossible to add a human element that is required for poker to be fun to a single player game.

Multiplayer you say? Thats a laugh in itself. Wowsers i can see your virtual face.. Guess what i can to to partypoker pokerstars absolutepoker and play multiplayer poker for free! the other players are just as dumb in the free games anyway

Id like to see a poker game that doesnt suck. though i doubt ill ever see it. Maybe one that actually teaches you how to really play