WSOP:TOC is a solid poker game but nowhere near a royal flush.

User Rating: 6.2 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions X360
World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions is a good attempt at a poker video game. That being said, it is hard to give this game a score out of 10 because it is just video game poker. The style played is Texas Hold'em which is best played with real people when real money is on the line.

The flow of the game is very good. There is an option to speed up play when you fold which speeds up the game tremendously. The computer A.I. is ok for the most part but can be somewhat predictable. The graphics get the job done but don't really excel. One nice feature included is the Xbox Live vision camera support. This allows you to put your face on your character which works well but could use some work. The sound in this game is pretty standard. One extremely annoying aspect is that it seems like one of the characters coughs or sneezes every 30 seconds. I ended up just playing with the sound turned down to avoid this.

The value of this game all depends on whether or not you want to play poker on your Xbox 360. If so, there are plenty of tournaments to enjoy. If not, there isn't really anything new here and can probably just be rented or avoided.