Somewhat pre-knowledge of what the computer is going to do with a hand. The game gives it away before visual goes off.

User Rating: 1.3 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions PC
Say the computer is going to fold. The Ticker name is removed and then the visuals kick in of them pushing the hand in. there is no suspense. Enough with the yawning. OMG. Announcers repeat way way to much also.

Game looks nothing like video's on gamespot. The game crashing for the fourth time on me today is really frustrating. Poor programing. Takes you to long to fold but the speed settings are to far and inbetween so you get speed poker or slow motion yawn fest.

Sum this game up in 22 words you ask?

Yawn fest, and not you at home. The players at the table yawn about 9000 times a game. Yes all of them.