Innovative player edit camera feature and future..... Don't let you scared off by some bad ratings. Solid innovative PKR

User Rating: 8.5 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions X360
A few years back this feature in player creation was first shown on theN64's game "Perfect Dark". You could make a immage if your own with the gameboy camera, hook it on a device under the N64's controller and upload it into the player creation menu. This way you could play the multiplayer of perfect dark with your own face on your created player. However this was very limited in graphics and complicated to implement the feature itself was really AWESOME!! I already imagined to get my own face on a soccer player, njammmm!

World Series Of Poker 2 got it ! and quite simple to. You simply take an photo of your front and side and the game automaticly creates your face after about 2 minutes of time. Now you have your own face on your player and you can play your face not only in career mode but also via xbox live.
Still some minor graphical issues are there; necks sometimes have a brown edge depending for light skinned people, some players have bigger heads than normal, i for example have a pointie nose (for real i have a round tip), sometimes you see a bumped back of the head sticking out the neck part and occasionally you see in animations inside players heads. BUTT all in all these are MINOR GRAPHICAL ISSUES, PLAYER HEADS LOOK LIKE YOUR OWN HEAD, and it's cool to play on xbox live with your own head.

The presentation of this game is good. It looks good and plays good. What the players say is quite normal, sometimes dull but i do not get disturbed by this. It's not at all irritating or something like that. What do you expect, poker is poker, talks are often the same.
THOUGH, i have played and there you can select the way you behave and what you say(out of a list) so that is rather cool wich could be used for the next WORLD SERIES OF POKER 3.

Overall this is a good solid poker game and the best currently on the XBOX360. Digimask feature (photo) is pretty cool and presentation is good.
I've bought it new for the price of 33 euro, about 30 dollar and that's worth all, i would pay the full price if i had to.

Excellent poker game, don't let yourself get chased away by the poor rating!!!