Good for learning how to play but thats all its good for.

User Rating: 6 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions X360
I could have reviewed this game after the first ten minutes of playing it but decided to try to get all the achievements first to experience the game from beginning to end.

Story and Content:
There is a campaign mode believe it or not. Sure there is the quick play for the different types of poker but you would want to start a career. You can work your way up from small time tournaments to the big million dollar matches.

Game play:
Different types of poker at two skill settings. Along the way you get tips from pros that help. Also there is stats and charts to help you decide on betting and winning hands. In career mode you also have a room to decorate and play and practice you poker with. In most tournaments you will run into some pro players who can give you a hard time in winning. There is also an online multiplayer option that lets you play across xbox live. What fun is seeing their faces through live cam as you beat them.

Passable graphics. You can see you chip stack rise and fall on the table. Card dealt and even the option to peek at your cards. Only a few areas like you poker room , casino floor and the final table with all the bells and whistles. The pro players look somewhat like their real life counterparts.

Sound and Music:
The music is only on the menus and can get quite annoying at times. The sounds of shuffling, chips falling and the crown cheering wins is about all the sounds you get

Only two settings. The Semi Pro lets you get into debt while the pro setting starts you off with the 10,000$ bankroll which you have to restart if you lose. If you know how to play poker and the skill of betting you will not find a difference in the level of difficulty of computer players.

Final Thoughts:
If your already a poker player there is much better free online options available out there. This game teaches you the fundamentals of the game and you will quickly get bored of the computer players once you improve a little.